Canon EOS 5D
Sony 7 ll
Favorite lens 100 mm

The true lens of the camera are the heart and the mind.

Favorite photographers:

Sabine Weiss
Tokihiro Sato
Takashi Yasui
Matt Moyer
Masao Yamamoto


Photographing for me is a balance between the now and the transient vision.

I accept that something mysterious may happen.

I photograph: at random.

. to hold on to memories
. to fix the ephemeral
. to secure a circumstance

. to secure what is intended to disappear
. to incorporate everything into an instant
. to find the reflective thought - the meditation

I choose sobriety over the sensational
I sometimes violate ordinary vision
I trust my gut
I love cloudiness and fog and detest sunshine
I am slightly superstitious and have a good luck charm with me always


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  • Center for Photographic Art
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